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Price of college tuition got you down? With the combination of these rough economic times and ever-increasing tuition costs, more and more students are unable to afford college. You don’t have to be one of them! You can use the resources and links on this site to apply for easy scholarships and earn free money for college! Now your college degree does not have to be a pipe dream. Be active and creative in your search too. Combine different scholarships, grants, and financial aid to assist you in paying off that two or four-year degree! From scholarships with no essay required to weird scholarships that have quirky requirements, we have it all!

Who are we?

We work in the higher education industry and have for many years. We work with thousands of students just like you, who are working to further their education and better their lives through earning a college degree. One of our owners has spent many years training students just like you on the different financial options out there for students, while another has worked with thousands of students enrolling them into the programs of their dreams. We know the struggles college students face when it comes to paying for school. Tuition costs are rising every year, and it is up to you to make sure you make the grade. Take some time to apply for the easy scholarships you find on our site. You will not be disappointed!

What are we?

We are a one-stop-shop for everything easy scholarships. We provide you with the names of the scholarships, how to apply, and then the website or instructions where you can get even more information.

When do I use this site?

Whenever you need information about easy scholarships, we are your resource. We are available year-round to make sure you can find the information you need whenever you need it. We are constantly updating our site and our scholarships, as new easy scholarships come out every year, so check back frequently.

Where do I go from here?

The easiest way to apply for easy scholarships is to get and stay organized. If you work well on a computer, make a spreadsheet of all the scholarships you want to apply for, their application deadlines and requirements. The last thing you want is to miss the application deadline because you were disorganized. Just like college applications, scholarship applications do not accept late submissions. If you are more of a hands-on person, then print out every easy or weird scholarship you see that you may qualify for. Put them in a folder in order by when the applications are due. Then, get ready to fill out a bunch of applications for easy scholarships.

Why should I go through all of this work?

While the scholarships listed here are easy scholarships, they still will take some work to apply. Many people do not even attempt to fill out scholarship applications because they think the process takes too much time.  Don’t be lazy and don’t procrastinate! The time you put in now applying for these scholarships will pay off ten times more in the future! Trust us: you will thank us when you graduate college with very little debt because you took some time to apply for easy scholarships. Student loan debt has passed credit card debt as the highest debt in the nation. Do not be a part of that figure and apply for easy scholarships today!

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What Types of Easy Scholarships are Out There for Me?

Searching for a scholarship can be daunting. There are literally thousands and some change from year-to-year. It is important to stay on the forefront of the information so you know what scholarships you qualify for, but first you should have a basic understanding of scholarships in general. There are merit-based scholarships based on academics, athleticism or artistic ability. There are also skill-based scholarships for unique skills and abilities. You can earn a scholarship based on your nationality or a language you speak, or for the major or degree of study you plan to enter.

Merit-based Scholarships

These are scholarships you have to earn through your performance in a certain area in school. These are the most common types of scholarships, and these are the reason that many people think getting a scholarship is too hard. They feel that they do not have the skills, grades or sports prowess to earn one of these coveted scholarships. While this may be true for many, what students do not realize is that there are many easy scholarships out there that you can apply for.

Academic Merit Scholarships

These scholarships require you to perform at your very best all through high school. You will start applying for these scholarships your junior and senior years in high school. Sometimes, academic merit-based scholarships are automatically awarded to a certain percentage of the top students in your class. You may hear about a particularly smart student earning a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university. This is a great motivation to keep your grades in impeccable condition. Academic scholarships are renewable so long as your grades stay in tip-top form. Even if you are not at the head of your class, you can still earn your own full-ride through school if you apply for a handful of easy scholarships. It does not take much to get enough money to cover all of your expenses.

Athletic Merit Scholarships

No matter what sport you play, I am sure there is a scholarship out there for you. Many athletes go on from high school to earn a free college education because of their athletic prowess. Golfers, footballers, lacrosse stars and more earn free rides through college along with all the glory of being an athletic star on campus. Since playing a sport for the school will take up a lot of your time, you will often enjoy other perks aside from free college tuition. Athletes often stay in special apartments paid for by the school so your focus can simply be on winning titles for your college or university.

Artistic Merit Scholarships

There are scholarships available for all different types of artists. If you are a visual artist, painter, photographer or graphic designer, then there are scholarships for you. Many of these require an original sample or portfolio of your work. You will submit this with your application and in many cases. Many of these scholarships are full-ride scholarships and include some sort of display or publishing for the winning work.

Skill-based Scholarships

There are easy scholarships out there if you have certain skills or abilities. Have you wanted to see if your unique duck calling ability could be put to good use somehow? Well the Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest is a way for you to showcase your unique ability and earn money for college. If you are a whiz with duct tape, then you should enter the Duck Brand Duct Tape ‘Stuck at Prom’ contest. This contest requires entrants to design prom outfits completely from duct tape. The Duck Brand Company provides duct tape in all different colors.

Easy scholarships exist if you know where to look. Our site will tell you all about many different easy, weird and unique scholarships that anyone can apply for. Do not get discouraged by all of the merit-based scholarships out there. There are still many ways you can earn money for school.

Now that I know what my skills are, what kinds of easy scholarships are there?

Easy (did we mention easy?) Scholarships

Whether you are interested in literature, art, history, or just plain creative, there are easy college scholarships out there for you. Some are as simple as filling out online surveys or doing quizzes, and others require a little more work like a piece of art or a short essay.

Search for more here: Easy College Scholarships

Fast and Easy Scholarships

Scholarship applications are daunting to a lot of people because of the fear of long applications and long waits to find out if you were awarded the scholarship. The good news is there are tons of fast and easy scholarships out there that do not take long to apply for and you can find out immediately or within the month.

Search for them here: Fast and Easy Scholarships

Online Scholarships

Sometimes, applying for scholarships meant loads of paperwork, mailing, stamps, and all that turned off many students. Now, with easy online scholarships, you can apply for free money for school while you sit in your bed in your pajamas. Get comfortable, get cozy, and apply today!

Find them here: Online Scholarships

Easy Scholarships for Volunteers

Were you a big volunteer in high school? Did you apply yourself to many different community service programs? If you did, you are ahead of the competition and there are easy scholarships out there just for you!

Volunteers check in here: Easy scholarships for Volunteers

Art and Fashion Scholarships

If you have artistic talents and are the creative type, you may want to check out these easy scholarships for your creative talent!

Artists check in here: Art and Fashion Scholarships


And Lastly.. since it’s already summer time, what quick, available scholarships can i get before I start in the fall?!

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