Hawaii became a part of the United States in 1959, and thus is the most recent state. It is also the only state to be comprised entirely of islands. Many of Hawaii’s (also written Hawai’i), hundreds of islands are volcanic. They stretch over 1500 miles in the Pacific Ocean. There are eight “main” islands of Hawaii, the largest and most populated shares the name of the actual state and to avoid confusion, is often just referred to as “The Big Island.” Due to its warm climate, active volcanoes, tropical beaches, and unique culture, Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists, surfers, and scientists the world over. The word “Hawai’i” means “homeland.” Both English and the native Hawaiian language are spoken on the islands. Hawai’i, though all of the islands together take up only much less than many states, possesses 10 of the world’s 13 different climates zones. Hawaii is among the most unique places to live, and attend school, in the world.

University of Hawai’i at Hilo

The University of Hawai’i at Hilo is one of several four-year universities and two-year community colleges that make up the Hawaiian public university system. Located in Hilo on a 115-acre main campus, the University of Hilo, or UH Hilo, has 36 undergraduate degrees, 6 graduate degrees, and 4 doctorate degrees available to students. The student body is just over 4,000, making it a smaller university. The small size of the school keeps the average class size at only 22, and the student to faculty ratio at an awesome 18:1, allowing for excellent hands-on learning and a close-knit community.  This school is the only national public liberal arts and sciences university in Hawaii.  At this university you will experience the unique diversity of the islands, and also have the amazing opportunity of working in the research labs in tropical rainforests, near an active volcano and atop a 12,000-feet mountain. UH Hilo offers many different student organizations, including an accounting club and a canoeing club. Find out if this school is right for you by visiting: hilo.hawaii.edu

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Located in the neighborhood of Honolulu called Manoa on 320 acres, the University of Hawaii at Manoa is the flagship school of the University of Hawaii system. It is a public, co-educational university with an enrollment of just around 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Founded in 1907, the university is one of the oldest and best-ranked universities in the state. The university is divided into 9 schools that offer 92 Bachelor’s degrees, 84 Master’s degrees, and 51 Doctoral degrees in different fields. The school has a excellent average class size of 25 for a university of its size, and tries to keep the student to faculty ratio at about 14:1.  The school offers 20 men’s, women’s and co-ed  athletic teams and over 200 student organizations and clubs. U.S. President Barack Obama’s mother and father both attended UH Manoa, as well as former governors, a congresswoman, and U.S. Surgeon General. The school has been placed in the top 30 public universities for engineering and science by The National Science Foundation, and their library science program ranks in the top ten in the nation. Find out more about this excellent school at manoa.hawaii.edu

Hawaii Pacific University

Hawai’i Pacific University, or just HPU, is a private nonsectarian university located in Honolulu and Kaneohe, Hawaii. With nearly 10,000 students, HPU is one of the largest private institutions of higher learning in the region. The student population, in already-diverse Hawai’i, is especially unique, with about a third of students hailing from another country, making it among the top master’s-level universities in the world for diversity. HPU has over 50 clubs and activities organized by students, for students including Student Government and a theater group. The HPU Sea Warriors participate in several athletic programs for both women and men, many of which have won national championships. Look into all that this university has to offer by going to their website: hpu.edu

University of Hawaii West O’ahu

The University of Hawaii in West O’ahu is part of the University of Hawaii public system. The school is the only four-year university in the region, and its main campus is located in Pearl City, Hawaii. The university offers Bachelor’s degrees in four schools with 18 different areas of concentration including degrees in Education and sciences. They also have 4 certificates available in Applied Forensic Anthropology, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Health Care Administration, and Substance Abuse and Addiction Studies. Distance learning via online courses and telecommunication are available. UH West O’ahu has more several different clubs available to students, including an Anthropology Club, and Pre-Law Club. You can learn more at westoahu.hawaii.edu

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