Florida is known for extensive beaches with warm sands. The only state in the U.S. to border both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has one of the longest stretches of beaches in the country. This state is also home to one of the most famous national parks in the world: the Florida Everglades, which is home to many animals that only inhabit a few specific regions like the Florida panther and the American alligator. Florida also had some of the earliest contact with European colonizers, and today is the 4th most populous state. Its name comes from Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who named it La Florida, or the Flowery Land, in the 16th century. Florida has an extensive public university system with a history of excellence and also has a number of private colleges.

Florida International University

Florida International University is one of the 25 largest public universities in the country with a student population of nearly 46,000. Located in the famous city of Miami, it is the city’s only public 4-year research university. FIU possesses more than 180 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. FIU has an extremely diverse student population, with the majority of students identifying as Hispanic. In fact this university is number 1 in the nation for awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees to Hispanic students. The university serves a large population of underprivileged students, with approximately half of all students receiving financial aid. The school also has a large number of study abroad programs and is ranked number 4 in the nation for international Master’s of Business programs. The FIU panthers have several intercollegiate athletic teams for both men and women including basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, and swimming. Find out more about this university at fiu.edu

University of Florida

University of Florida, often referred to as UF or U of F, is located in Gainesville, Florida on a 2,000-acre campus. This university often ranks in the top 100 universities worldwide. UF is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state and one of the most diverse and comprehensive research universities in the nation. The current student population exceeds 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty at UF have been awarded such prestigious honors as the Pulitzer Prize, a Fields Medal, and the Smithsonian prize for conservation. Though this school has become famous for their Florida Gators sports teams, they also have some of the best academic programs in the country. The average GPA of incoming freshman is well over the 4.0 mark. UF is also the unique home to one of the world’s largest moth and butterfly collections. If you’re researching colleges and universities in Florida, this is definitely worth looking in to: ufl.edu

Florida State University

Usually called just Florida State or FSU, Florida State University is a public research university located in the state’s capital of Tallahassee. The university, which awards on average 2,000 graduate and professional degrees annually, is one of the main institutions in the Florida public university system.  FSU’s 16 different colleges serve around 40,000 students by offering them more than 275 separate degree programs at every higher level of education. FSU is not only diverse, it is ranked as one of the best universities in the nation for awarding doctoral degrees to both Hispanic and African-American students. The university’s fine arts programs, including dance and theater, have also been rated some of the very best in the world. Its creative writing program is also renowned. The faculty at FSU include  Guggenheim Fellows, Nobel Laureates, and Pulitzer Prize winners. You can also enjoy outstanding athletic programs and student associations at FSU. Go to their website to find out more about this great school: fsu.edu

University of Miami

The private school of University of Miami is located in Coral Gables, Florida. The current student body consists of a little more than 15,000 students. This school offers more than 180 different majors and degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level. Many of its programs have been listed in the past as some of America’s best graduate school programs. Being a small school has its advantages: many undergraduate classes have less than 16 students and over 75% have fewer than 26 students.  UM has outstanding honors programs and excellent libraries. The school also offers many intercollegiate sports for both men and women including basketball, tennis, and track and field. UM is also renowned for its medical center. To find out more about the University of Miami, go to miami.edu


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