Connecticut is a wonderful state in the New England region of the east coast. It was named for the Connecticut River and is often called the “Constitution State.” As one of the states colonized earliest by Europeans, Connecticut is rich with U.S. history and is alive today with excellent academics.

Western Connecticut State University

Western Connecticut State University is one of four public state universities in Connecticut.  They have degree programs for everyone, from associate degrees to doctorate degree. Majors range from Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program to the Theater Arts program, as well as more typical majors such as those in education, liberal arts, sciences, history and music. This university has two campuses in Danbury; the main 364-acre campus is called Westside, and the smaller additional campus is called Midtown. Student life at WCSU is very active and they have a Jazz club, Greek Council, and Chemistry club just to name a few organizations. The academic programs here are also extensive. Go to for more information.

Eastern Connecticut State University

Eastern Connecticut State University, also called Connecticut’s Public Liberal Arts University, is another of the universities in the public system of this state. It is located in Willimantic, Connecticut. ECSU has a great number of sports teams including men’s baseball, football, basketball and lacrosse, and women’s swimming, lacrosse, field hockey and soft ball. This university has three main schools of study: the School of Education and Professional Studies, the School of Continuing Education, and the School of Arts and Sciences. They have both undergraduate and graduate level programs in a wide range of majors. The campus has a arboretum on-site and over 50 student clubs to choose from. Check out their website at to learn more.

Southern Connecticut State University

Southern Connecticut State University is the one of the state system’s public universities. Located just a few miles from downtown New Haven, SCSU has a student body of over 12,000. Founded in 1893, it has a lot of history and thus has had time to develop not only a rigorous academic plan, but a thriving student life. With over 116 programs to choose from and over hundreds of current faculty members, you will not have to worry about finding the right major or professor for your studies. The campus is also less than 100 miles from New York City and less than 150 miles from Boston, so you will be in close proximity to some of the nation’s most interesting and vibrant metropolises. They also have 11 different sports programs for women and 8 for men. To investigate further go to

Central Connecticut State University

Central Connecticut State University, located in New Britain, was founded in 1849 and is made up of five different schools of study: The Carol A. Ammon School of Arts & Sciences; Business; Education & Professional Studies; Engineering & Technology, and Graduate Studies. CCSU currently has more than 12,000 students, both graduate and undergraduate. CCSU has been called one of the best colleges for the real world, and one the colleges for the best cost value. They have more than 100 majors in 80 different concentrations of study. At CCSU you will find 18 different NCAA Division I athletic programs. The university is within two hours driving distance to New York and Boston, and just a few miles down the road from the state’s capital of New Hartford. You can find their website at

University of Hartford

The University of Hartford is an independent and private university in West Hartford, Connecticut. The U of H, as it is called, offers 84 undergraduate degree programs and 30 graduate and professional degree programs. The university serves approximately 7,400 students from nearly all 50 states and from over 40 countries. The mascot Howie the Hawk shines on the uniforms of 18 intercollegiate sports teams. Hartford has produced alumni that work for a variety of renowned businesses and institutions, including Broadway and the FBI. Their website can be found at

Yale University

Yale University, a private school located in New Haven, is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious colleges. You’ve probably heard of this Ivy League university before, as it is famed for its top-of-the-chart academic programs and rigorous admissions policies. The University has produced five U.S. Presidents and 19 Supreme Court Justices. In their two dozen libraries, Yale holds more than 12 million volumes. Their 35 athletic teams compete under the image of the Bulldog. The university employees nearly 4,000 staff to serve its undergraduate and graduate students. This is one of the best schools out there, so go read more at


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