Arizona is a beautiful desert state with lots of open land but also one of the country’s largest cities in Phoenix. The colleges and universities in Arizona are as varied and different as the areas they are located. Read on for descriptions of each of the schools in Arizona. You are sure to find something you like at one of these schools.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University or ASU is declared as one of the best 100 universities in the world. The current position of ASU is based on the 2010 World Universities Academic Ranking. Known as a major public university, ASU is also known as the state’s premier center for research and studies and the leader in the field of innovations offering over 450 high quality graduate and undergraduate programs. ASU began as a teacher’s college called Tempe Normal School, and it is now the largest university in Arizona and a big-time player in the PAC-12 Athletic Conference. Their football team and baseball team compete for national championships year-after-year. The staff and faculty are also acclaimed, including three Nobel laureates. The main campus is located in Tempe which is close to Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the country. ASU also has a downtown campus, an East and a West campus to accommodate its large population. At ASU, you can enjoy courses in nursing, engineering, liberal arts, law and more.

Awards offered at ASU include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, post-master’s certificates, law degrees and doctoral degrees.

Visit their website at for more information.

The University of Arizona

Located in scenic Tucson, Arizona, this school hosts the state’s only medical school. You will find a lot of studious people on this campus where research and science occur at U of A’s many telescopes and the teaching hospital, University Medical Center. This four-year public research institution boasts several Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners among the faculty. Founded in 1885, this university remains on the cutting edge to this day. And who can forget about the national championship-winning basketball team?

Awards offered at ASU include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, post-master’s certificates, and doctoral degrees, law degrees and medical degrees. Find out more about this school’s academics, athletics or campus life by visiting

Northern Arizona University

Snow in the desert? Well, it is not exactly desert in the lush pines of northern Arizona. You can experience four seasons just two hours from the desert capital in Flagstaff, Arizona. This four-year institution specializes in teaching and agricultural degrees, but they offer everything from science to nursing with over 200 degree programs. They have campuses in Flagstaff and the Phoenix metropolitan area and all over the state of Arizona totaling 34 campuses, as well as a strong online presence.

Awards offered at NAU include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, post-master’s certificates, and doctoral degrees. Visit to request more information.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is one of the state’s universities that prepare learners to think globally and critically. Anyone who graduates from GCU becomes an effective communicator which will certainly help in the career search. All of these things are attained through the school’s challenging academics and curriculum that are also values-based which is a product of the university’s Christian heritage. GCU has done a lot in the last few years to make their online programs available worldwide. Now you can earn a degree from GCU no matter where you live. Visit for more information.

Collins College

Collins College is equipped to help students focus on getting careers in the field of design, network technology, management, and visual arts. The school achieved this by means of a learning experience that is student-centered, industry-driven and interactive as well. Collins College uses a curriculum that develops the students’ critical thinking, life, skills, and creativity to prepare them in attaining success in the fields they have chosen. People come from all over the country to attend this school. If you are looking for an exciting career in media or graphic arts, then Collins College is for you. Visit to request more information.

This is just sample of the many universities and colleges in Arizona. No matter where your interests lie, you can find what you need in Arizona.



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