Seven Unknown Scholarships

So you want to go to school, but you and your family do not have the money. You look up scholarships but you feel like everyone else knows about them too and there is no way you are going to win. Are your dreams lost? Or is there a way you can get unknown scholarships to pay for your tuition? The answer is yes! There are many unknown scholarships that you can win and get free money for school.

Here are our top seven unknown scholarships:

1. The Michigan Llama Association Scholarship

Love llamas? Love Michigan? Who doesn’t? If this is you then there is a scholarship out there waiting for you. Sponsored by the Michigan Llama Association, an organization devoted to the promotion of llamas in an uplifting manner, this scholarship is an annual award for the Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine.
2. The Society of Vacuum Coaters Scholarship

I know it might be surprising for you to hear that vacuum coating is unknown, but this field of study is lucrative for a career, and pays well for scholarship monies too. This unknown scholarship is unique because it can be applied to a two-year, four-year, technical or vocational school. Better yet, if you are already working in the vacuum coating field, your chances of winning are increased.
3. The Excellence in Predicting the Future Scholarship

Predicting the future is a great skill to have. You know when to play the lottery, when to move your money around in the stock market, and when the world is coming to an end. Now you can put your skills to present use by applying for the Excellence in Predicting the Future Scholarship. If you are looking for extra cash for college, then this $400 award is for you. You must already have a registration on the Cenimar website.
4. The Patrick Henry College Scholarship for Homeschoolers

Christian homeschoolers can find $1000 to $1,500 awards with this scholarship. You need to be a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Most home-schooled students go on to very successful college careers. Just make sure that your state’s diploma process for home-schooled students is equivalent to a high school diploma, or you may need to earn your GED to gain admittance to college, or to qualify for financial aid. If your family member is a member of the HSLD, and has been for at least four years, then you are qualified to apply for this scholarship.
5. The Point Foundation LGBT Scholarships

One application will apply you for several scholarships on the Point Foundation website. If you are someone you know have been abandoned or discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, then you should check out this website. A Point Scholar is someone who combines diversity with talent. If you are in the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community and you feel you have been marginalized, apply for this scholarship. Aside from the money, winners also receive mentoring and leadership training, along with lifelong connections and support. While these are unknown scholarships right now, they won’t be for long due to recent press on the national news.
6. The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Scholarship

If you are as peace-minded as this former Nobel Prize winner, then you need to apply for this scholarship. These unknown scholarships have flown under the radar but have been awarded annually since 1989. If you are a scholar who combines ethics with education, then you should enter an essay for the $5,000 award. The reason this scholarship is not as well-known as some others is because it is only awards to current juniors and seniors in undergraduate programs in college. Yes, it’s true – you can still get scholarships after you are already in school.
7. The NBAA Scholarships

Yes, you read that right, there are two A’s in that abbreviation. The acronym stands for the National Business Aviation Association. This national organization supports general aviation aircraft all over the country, as well as several different scholarships based on what part of the aviation industry you desire to enter. One of the most unknown scholarships is the William H. Fanning Maintenance Scholarship. Maintenance on an aircraft is probably the most important job (after all, the planes basically fly themselves these days), and if you are looking to get into airplane maintenance as a career, you should apply for this scholarship. Two winners are eligible for a $2,500 award.

Sometimes it can seem like you are competing against thousands of other applicants for your scholarship, and this may be true. Stick to unknown scholarships and you will find your chances of winning free money for school are much higher.

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