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Check out our list below for tons of great scholarships! If you are on the hunt for free money for school, then look no further. We have a very comprehensive list of scholarships that is always growing. We are looking to expand into even more scholarship areas, so if there is something you do not see, let us know.

When you set out to apply for scholarships, all of the information out there along with the complicated application process for a large amount of scholarships can be very intimidating. At Easy Scholarships, we take the guesswork out of applying for scholarships. You can find scholarships of all shapes and sizes on our site, and the best part is they are easy to apply for!

Many scholarships require lengthy applications or meticulous portfolios. At Easy Scholarships, a vast majority of our scholarships only request that you apply online. Some scholarships do not even require anything but a simple online application. Still others ask for some materials, but these can be submitted digitally. The way most scholarships work nowadays is a lot different than in the past.

Search through our list of full-ride scholarships to get a list of scholarships that will completely pay for your tuition, room and board, and really allow you to focus on your studies.

Our Unknown Scholarships sections can help you find the more obsolete scholarships. So many scholarships seem to have thousands and thousands of applications. If you qualify for a scholarship from our Unknown Scholarships section, you will find yourself up against less competition and find winning a little easier.

You can find scholarships that are just for high school juniors, seniors, current college students, graduate students and more. If you break down your search by your grade level, you may find some scholarships you may have otherwise missed.

We also break down the truth about Unclaimed Scholarships. Be sure to check out that section so that no amount of scholarship money goes unused.

Online Scholarships is where you can find all of the scholarships that have online applications. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to apply, or you are afraid you will miss the deadline, head over to that section to find scholarships you can apply for in a few clicks of a button.

Our favorite easy scholarships are those that do not require an essay. Short and to the point, you will have a lot of competition for these but you can often apply every month starting in high school.

Happy searching!

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