Private School Scholarships

College is expensive enough, but if you are looking at a private school, you will need to come up with a lot more money than most. There are many advantages to private colleges that draw people in, regardless of the price tag. If you are one of these people, then you either need deep pockets, family money, or the ability to win private school scholarships.

Private schools have elite faculty, demanding curriculum, a close-knit campus, and most importantly, high tuition. Luckily, they also award a lot of merit scholarships and many schools have special scholarship programs so with the right amount of effort, even the most expensive school is not out of reach.

Regional Discount Programs

One of the easiest ways to get extra cash to attend a private university outside of your state is through a regional discount program. New Englanders can enjoy $7,000 savings per year through the New England Regional Student Program. If you are looking for a degree program that is not available in your state, this program will give you money toward getting your education elsewhere. The Academic Common Market is a similar program for Southerners, but some of their funding is only allowed for graduate degrees.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange is one of the largest exchange programs with almost 30,000 students taking part each year. You can save about $7,500 with different schools in this program, but check with the individual state and college campus for their specific guidelines.

The Midwest Student Exchange Program is the program with the most relaxed guidelines – they don’t make you choose a major to participate. Savings of at least $4,000 are offered to students in this part of the United States.

Private School Scholarships

Because of the world-renowned scholar-teachers and amazing history at private college campuses, there are many organizations with distinguished alumni that want you to become a part of their school’s history. is a website devoted to private colleges, and they offer private school scholarships by way of a random drawing for $2,500. It may not sound like a lot when most private school tuition is upwards of $50,000 per year, but believe me, every little bit helps.

Most scholarship awards are good at any school, including private schools. Specific private school scholarships are often awarded by the state in which the student lives. If you are smart enough to attend a private university but your family does not have the budget for it, don’t worry. Many states have set aside funds just for this purpose, especially states with a lot of private schools like Connecticut, Massachusetts and California. These endowments are specifically designed for students who possess the intelligence and potential to really succeed at a private school.

Minority Private School Scholarships

Private schools are often criticized for their homogenous populations. In an effort to increase their diversity, there are many private school scholarships for minority students. The Private Colleges and Universities Community Service Scholarship for Multicultural Students is an example of one such award. Alloy Education sponsors this $2,000 scholarship. Applicants need to submit a transcript and an essay detailing their community service that does not exceed 1200 words.

Many parents work a second job or make various other sacrifices all so their children can enjoy a private school education. Who can blame them? Because they have so much money, private schools do not have to scrimp and save and cut corners in much the same way as publicly funded schools do. Private school scholarships provide a way for everyone to rest easier: parents, knowing their children are getting an excellent education, and students, because they know their parents are not killing themselves working twice as hard to put them through school. With private school scholarships, everyone wins.

Private school is a dream of many. Who would not like to see their name on a diploma from a prestigious university like Princeton or Yale? Luckily, with the amount of assistance potential students can receive in the form of scholarships, grants and state endowments, the dream of private school does not need to be out of reach. Private school scholarships are just one way to make this dream a reality.

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