Massachusetts, or officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, located in the eastern part of the United States, officially became a state in 1788. It is famous for its politically and culturally significant role in the shaping of U.S. history. Plymouth is said to be the very first colony set up in the United States in the early 17th century by the pilgrims. Later, Massachusetts also became a site for the Salem Witch Trials, a documented case of mass hysteria and persecution in the states. “The Bay State,” or “The Old Colony”, as Massachusetts is often called, also was the home a widespread religious revival and revolution. As years went on, Massachusetts played an important role in the Revolutionary War and the Industrial Revolution. Massachusetts is also the site of the nation’s oldest institution of higher education (Harvard), and many of the world’s best universities.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The flagship of the University of Massachusetts university system, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is a public research university located in Amherst, Massachusetts on an amazing 1,450-acre campus. With more than 27,000 graduate and undergraduate students and more than 1,100 full-time instructors, Umass Amherst offers 6 associate’s, 88 bachelor’s , 72 master’s, and 50 doctorate programs in dozens of majors and minors. The school’s library is the largest in a state-funded institution in New England. Student athletes at UM Amherst participate in more than 20 NCAA Division I sports. More than 200 student organizations are available at UM Amherst, as well as a number of fine arts activities to attend on campus. If you are looking for an outstanding public university in Massachusetts, look no further than the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Visit for more information.

University of Massachusetts Boston

The University of Massachusetts Boston is the second-largest university in the University of Massachusetts public university system with more than 15,000 students. Usually just referred to as UMass Boston, the university is located on a 177-acre urban campus in the state’s biggest city: Boston. UMass Boston sports a 16:1 student to faculty ratio, so students will never feel left behind or as if their voices are not heard in class. Through the university’s 8 schools and colleges, more than 100 undergraduate degree-granting programs, and 50 graduate programs. Students at UMass Boston can gain real-world experience in study abroad opportunities, internships, and hands-on classroom work. Don’t worry about finding something to do besides study at this university: they have tons of clubs and social activities for students, including a radio station, student-produced magazines, and of course several different sports teams to try out and root for. Check out their website at if you’re interested.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is third-largest university in the University of Massachusetts system. Enrolling more than 15,000 students annually, it offers classes for more than 120 undergraduate and graduate programs on its 150-acre urban campus in Lowell, Massachusetts. UMass is probably most recognized for its production of athletes for the National Hockey League. UMass Lowell has been ranked in the top 200 research universities, and one of the top 650 institutions of higher education in the country. The UMass Lowell River Hawks have won more than 15 NCAA championships over the years, and offer many different sports programs for men and women. You can find everything you’re looking for and more at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, academically, socially, and culturally. Check them out today by going to

Harvard University

The oldest institution of higher education in the country, Harvard University is a private Ivy league research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university is definitely among the top institutions in the world, so if you are the best looking for the best, look into applying to Harvard now. About 21,000 students are taught by Harvard’s 2,000+ faculty members (many of them Nobel Laureates), each year. Harvard’s library holds more than 17 million volumes. This school is one of the greatest not only in the nation, but in the world. If you think your grades, experience, and extracurricular history can get you in, don’t worry about not being able to afford it. Harvard’s investment in financial aid has increased more than 70% over the past several years and student’s that receive grants and scholarships will only have to pay as much as the average cost of public university without scholarships. Don’t hesitate to apply; it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Go to to begin.


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