It’s Summer – What is Left?

Jun 20, 2012 by

So.. It’s already summer, and you haven’t applied to any scholarships yet. What can you do today?

Don’t worry. Like many people, your mind has been overwhelemd with AP classes, college applications, Prom, Graduation, summer vacation plans.. and the super excitement of entering your first year in college!! Only.. now you are desperate for some money to cover those tuition and ludicrous book costs! Check below for some quick, scholarships you can apply today!

The $10,000 Scholarship is holding drawings are held each month – you can win just by registering at their website. They also have surveys that you can fill out that could qualify you for better chances to win. Don’t pass up this chance and go check them out today! For more information, please visit

College Prowler’s $2,000 Contest

This is less of a scholarship but more of a random draw contest College Prowler. You have nothing to loose by applying to this contest, and each month everyone will be entered into a drawing in which winners are randomly selected. You do, however, have to be either be current college students or planning to enroll in college within the next 12 months! Go visit them at

Zinch’s Weekly Scholarship

All high school and college students are eligible and this scholarship is being given out every single week. Students will be required to write a three sentence essay (280 characters) on a certain, weekly changing question.  Zinch is also a scholarship hunt website as well. Visit them at

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  1. i’d like more information about the scholarships you offer.

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