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If you are looking over our scholarship ideas and feeling a little blue, don’t worry – the following scholarships will cheer you right up! Here is a list of all of the funniest scholarships we could find. What’s better than getting money had having fun while doing it? Nothing else in the world! Beware, some of these may require special talents, but hey, those are funny too.

The ‘Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke, Watch Your Looney Tunes’ Scholarship

Okay, the real name is not that exciting, but it is a scholarship for people who do not drink or smoke. Regularly, that is. If this is you, then lay your sights on the Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship. If you are not a habitual user of tobacco, liquor or narcotics, and you are a female, you may qualify for this funny scholarship. You have to promise not to engage in any strenuous activities, but since you will not be drinking or smoking, we can’t think of anything more strenuous than that. Winners must have graduated from Mount Carmel High School in Pennsylvania. If you are the most boring person in the school then make sure you apply for that scholarship – you are sure to win.

The ‘Gain the Freshman 15 Before You Even Enter College’ Scholarship

If you are working on putting on those college pounds before you even enter college, then you are in luck. Funny scholarships exist for you. The New England Chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance offers a $5000 scholarship to high school seniors of the bigger variety. The parent organization also offers funny scholarships for those plus-size students interested in fashion design or health issues. Okay, so those are not so much funny but a good thing, but they still make our list.

The ‘nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa’ ‘e’’ Scholarship

If you can translate the phrase above then these funny scholarships are just for you. Actually, that translates to ‘Where is the bathroom?’ in Klingon. Huge Star Trek nerd alert here! If you have always wondered if your knowledge of the Klingon language would get you somewhere in life, now you have your answer. The Klingon Language Institute offers the Kor Memorial Scholarship for anyone looking to study language in school. No, you do not have to study or even know Klingon to be eligible, although it certainly does not hurt if you do. Here’s the instructions:

Submit an applicatoin to include:

  • A nominating letter from the chair, head, or dean profiling the indvidual’s relevant accomplishments to date as well as potential or expected achievements.
  • Two additional letters of recommendation from departmental faculty.
  • A brief statement from the nominee regarding his/her goals and purpose with respect to the selected course of study.
  • A résumé or C.V. highlighting the nominee’s education, experience, awards, community service, and references.
Then mail to here:
Klingon Language Institute
Kor Memorial Scholarship
P.O. Box 794
Blue Bell, PA 19422 USA

funny scholarships

The ‘Sweatiest Prom Ever’ Award

Actually, this one is called the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom contest, but winners and losers alike say their memories of entering this contest include a lot of sweat! Here is the deal: you and a friend (date) make your prom outfits completely out of duct tape (you can use that stuff for everything!). Do not worry; you will not have to scrimp on fashion. Duck Brand duct tape comes in every color imaginable, and they even have cool patterns now too. Your prom outfits should be designed completely from duct tape and your photos sent in for the $5000 award. If your friends think this is a little weird, just remember that applying for funny scholarships is what is going to keep you out of debt once you graduate. Laugh all the way to the bank! Find out more information here at Duck!

The ‘I’m a Leftie and I Love It’ Scholarship!

Many parents of young boys wish for a southpaw in hopes of a lucrative baseball career in the future. Well becoming a baseball player is not the only way to earn scholarship money if you are a lefty. There are funny scholarships for many things, but only one for those who are prone to use the left hand over the right. The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship is the only left-handed scholarship out there. But do not worry; there is not a ton of competition because you have to attend Juniata College in Pennsylvania for this $1000 award.

The ‘Men in Skirts’ Award

I suppose this is not humorous to those who have an affinity for kilts, but to me, awards for ‘Celtic Arts’ make for funny scholarships. The Carnegie Mellon Bagpipe Scholarship is one of these awards but it is actually nothing to laugh about. Bagpipe players can earn a full ride scholarship to this university so long as they play the bagpipes in the band for all four years. And you thought your Scottish heritage was not going to pay off here in America!

The ‘I Tower Over People Scholarship

Are you a tall, genetic anomoly? Do you play basketball? Acutally,  you don’t even have to be that tall to qualify for this one. Men of 6 foot 2 or taller, and women of 5 foot 10 or taller can qualify by writing an essay titled “What being tall means to me.” It probably means you are going to pay less for college!  To check out the details, follow the tall people to

The ‘Name Matching’ Scholarship

Ok, what is easier, or more coincidental,  than to have THE SAME NAME as someone else, and earn money doing it? Yes, if your name is Van Valckenburg, or even very close to it, you could win this $1,000 scholarship. This was setup as a memorial scholarship for descendants of the original Van Valkenburgs.  A 500 word essay is required but let’s face it, how many other people in the world are named Van Valckenburg? Launch yourself over there, you luckily named one.

Paying for college is hard but these funny scholarships will get your closer to your dream of a college education. Laugh your way to the bank as you cash scholarship check after scholarship check and get your college career paid for!

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