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Okay, we know this site is about easy scholarships, so you may ask, “Why are you talking about full ride scholarships? What is easy about them?” Well, I guess to most of us there is nothing easy about full ride scholarships, but if you are an excellent student or athlete, these are actually the easiest scholarships to get. For that reason, we felt they deserved mentioning.

Most of these scholarships require their winners to attend the college awarding the scholarship and they cover at least all of your tuition and fees. Many of these full ride scholarships also cover room and board, and some also give a stipend for spending money.

Here are six of the best full ride scholarships out there:

1.       Jerome C. Byrne Scholarship

This full ride scholarship out of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a full tuition scholarship that also includes room and board. You must get invited to this scholarship competition and awards are given out based on an academic index, which is ACT composite plus ten, multiplied by your grade point average. Do the math and if your number is higher than 61 then you are eligible to be nominated.

2.       Boston College Presidential Scholars Program

Free money for school, oui? If you submit your application to Boston College early you are automatically considered for this scholarship. If you excel in many areas: academic excellence, leadership, community service, and have SAT scores over 1500, then you could very well win this full ride scholarship. Not only will you enjoy free tuition during the school year, summer programs are covered too. You also get an immersion study trip to France and a professional internship. This well-rounded full ride scholarship is worth looking into.

3.       Distinguished Scholar Scholarship

If you were studious enough to become valedictorian or salutatorian of your class, you likely have your pick of schools to attend. Husson College in Bangor, Maine would like your attendance, and offers automatic full ride scholarships to those students who were at the top of the class in high school. Apply quickly because only 10-15 awards are given each year, and only first year college students can apply.

4.       Society of Yeager Scholars

Did you see the movie, “We are Marshall” and feel inspired? Now you have an even better reason to want to be amongst the ranks at this great school in West Virginia. Six to ten Yeager Scholarships are awarded each year and this is really the cream of the crop of full ride scholarships. Not only is tuition covered in full, but winners also get room and board, a stipend for supplies and books, $8,500 toward study abroad and a personal computer. You will need to apply and expect a fairly competitive application process with high ACT and SAT scores needed.

5.       Presidential Scholarship and Ramapo Scholarship

If you live in New Jersey, aim to graduate in the top ten percent of your class and you will have free tuition at Ramapo College and a free room in the residence hall. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years as long as you stay in school and maintain a good GPA.

6.       The Millennium Scholars Award

Troy University is located in Troy, Alabama and they offer quite a few full ride scholarships. The best one is the Millennium Scholarship which is awarded to 60 students. This scholarship offers tuition, room and board, and has pretty easy requirements. You need a fairly high grade point average, SAT and ACT score. The great thing about this scholarship is that it is not only available to first year college students. Junior college students can submit their two-year GPA and enter the selection process.

Full ride scholarships may not be easy for most of the population, but for those of you who excel naturally in school, they are very easy to apply for. All you need to do is submit your scores from exams like the SAT and ACT and also keep a good GPA. They rarely require an essay. It is safe to say that most of the work you do for full ride scholarships occurs in the classroom during your four-year stint in high school.


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