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There is a lot of money out there available for school, but not everyone is taking advantage of it. Scholarship applications are daunting to a lot of people because of the fear of long applications and long waits to find out if you were awarded the scholarship. The good news is there are tons of fast and easy scholarships out there that do not take long to apply for and you can find out immediately or within the month if you were awarded the scholarship.

The Levi’s and JC Penney $50,000 Scholarship

Yes, you read that right. $50,000 for college. Since most students leave college with at least $50,000 in debt, it is clear that an award of this amount would really help a lot of people. This is one of the best fast scholarships out there because it only takes a few seconds to apply. Simply go to and fill out the online submission form. The great thing about this form is that anyone can fill it out and then gift you the money. So have your mom, neighbor, grandma, aunt, and sister all fill it out.

AFSA Scholarship Program

If you want to get a huge $20,000 prize for answering an open book test about fire safety and fire sprinklers, then you should look into this scholarship from the American Fire Sprinkler Association. There are ten of these fast scholarships each year, and the money goes directly to the school you are attending. There is no essay for this test, and you do it completely online. Only accredited universities are eligible.

The $2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

A popular college search website called has monthly drawings for $2,000 that are great fast scholarships. You can enter online every month and winners are selected at random. If you win you do have to use the scholarship within a twelve month period. They make announcements by using their Facebook page and sending you an email so make sure you check your email and junk folder often.

The Superpower Scholarship

If you are a real over-achiever, then you will start applying for scholarships early. When most people think of early, they think junior year of high school. If you really want fast scholarships, then you will apply even earlier. There are scholarships you can apply for as early as thirteen years old. The catch is you will have to enter college right after you finish high school. All you need to do is submit a 250-word or less response to the question, “Which superhero would you want to change places with for a day and why.”

The “Do-Over” Scholarship

This is another one of the fast scholarships you can do online for a $1500 prize. You may think that is a small amount, but when you consider that is the cost of your books for a couple of years, you will see that every little bit helps. For this contest, you should answer the question, “If you could get one do-over in life, what would it be and why?” If you fill out the online form with your answer of 250 words or less, then you can get a good chunk of change for college.

More information can be found here: Do-Over Scholarship

Top Ten List Scholarship

The Top Ten List Scholarship is a very popular one out of all the fast scholarships, probably because you get to be so creative and emulate a star like David Letterman. In 250 words or less, you can create your own Top Ten list. If yours is deemed the most creative, you can take home a $1500 prize.

The “I Was Born In…” Scholarship

Children of the 1990s rejoice! If you are from the 1990s, then you can qualify and apply for another one of the online fast scholarships out there. Write 250 words or less about what is so special about your generation of kids from the 1990s and you can win. Go to today for this and many other fast scholarships.

Fast scholarships are a great way to try to get bits of cash for college. They run the gamut from huge $50,000 scholarships to small $250 ones. Fill out as many as you can and watch the cash start rolling in.

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