Easy Scholarships to Get

If you are like most people, you are finding that the cost of college is rising faster than you can pay for it. College funds that were set up years ago are coming up short because tuition costs are going up at astronomical rates and not even inflation can keep up. It is also pretty challenging to find free money for school unless you do your research. Luckily we have compiled everything you need in one location so you can get the money you need for school. Read on for some examples of easy scholarships to get for this year.

Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship

This company sponsors a couple of awards. You may have heard of their ‘Stuck at Prom’ contest where contestants use colorful duct tape to design prom outfits for themselves and a date for a cash prize. That contest has gotten so popular over the years that they have opened up a new contest. The Duck Brand ‘Stick or Treat’ contest requires you to decorate a pumpkin, real or fake, with duct tape and send in a high resolution photo. You can win $1,000 in prize money that you can put toward school. This is one of our easy scholarships to get because it is still a relatively unknown contest.

Create a Greeting Card Scholarship

If you are artistic by nature, then you may want to consider this scholarship. This is one of the easy scholarships to get if you have a knack for design, either by pen or digitally. All you need to do for this scholarship is submit a photo, artwork or computer graphic that can be used for the front of a greeting card in an online or mail submission. All entries must be your original work, and you can only enter this contest once a year. This scholarships awards $10,000 which is a huge chunk of your college tuition, so do not delay in applying. They are taking applicants through January of 2013.

The JIF Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest

Yes, you read that right. There are easy scholarships to get if your culinary talents include designing the most creative peanut butter sandwich. Past winners have included peanut butter sushi rolls, purse-style peanut butter pitas, and a P-Nutty BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. This prize money is worth your while. Grand prize winners get $25,000 to their college fund and an additional $10,000 for educational supplies. Four runners up each get a $2,500 college fund. This contest happens every year, so start brainstorming now so you can enter next year.

OP Loftbed Scholarship

If you are looking for easy scholarships to get, then you should look into this scholarship. Unlike many other scholarships, they do not discriminate against people based on writing skill, GPA or involvement in the community, although you are expected to have spelling and punctuation at a college level. What they are mostly looking for are fun answers to their questions, and make sure you answer ‘OP Loftbed’ to question number four or you will be disqualified. Check out this fun scholarship for more details.

Dr. Seuss Scholarship

The famous book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” is one of the most popular books given to high school graduates because it is inspiration for their new adventure. This is one of the easy scholarships to get if you have a knack for art, and it is worth it, with a $10,000 prize. You can submit your art which is to be based upon the theme of adventure in the book either digitally or by mail.

Easy scholarships to get include scholarships that do not look at your GPA or have easy online submissions. If you are looking for a scholarship that does not have strict application criteria, then look no further than our information. Not every scholarship requires you to have a 3.8 GPA, be the quarterback of the football team and community service leader. A lot of scholarships out there are fun as well as easy to apply for.

Do not be discouraged in your scholarship hunt by the fact that many scholarships have small prizes such as $500-$1000. Keep in mind that some of the smaller scholarships may be easy scholarships to get, and every little bit helps. Think of what a few $500 scholarships will do to your pocketbook and ease your mind in college.

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